Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 20, Wednesday: You don’t gnome me

A year or so back, my mom (I love you) gave me this baking pan.
After seriously considering several candidates of woodland creatures, toy-making little people, and magical beings, I've concluded that they're supposed to be gnomes. Either way, it hasn't much mattered, since I’m not exactly a prolific (or good) baker, and I’ve only used the pans once. Today I am inspired by my newly acquired sugar, and I decide to make rice “cakes.” Note- my quotation marks are appropriate (but exceedingly less funny than here:)
Or here:
Whereas most of my prior endeavors have resulted in a sticky and fairly disgusting rice paste, today proves to be the inopportune time that I finally perfect the art of cooking rice. This would be splendid if I were making a nice stir fry, but demonstrably bad for making rice cakes. I melt the sugar and mix it into the rice, hoping to create a rice mush, but to no avail. Butter would be nice here. Egg would help. But I have neither, of course. Undeterred, I jam the mixture into my gnome forms.

Fifteen minutes later, I pop the rice gnomes out of the oven, flip ‘em over, and I’ve got two non-descript slightly sweetened piles of rice. I eat them both. Unlike the Travelocity Gnome, or the Roaming Gnome (from that prank where you steal your neighbor's garden gnome and mail them pictures of it in front of various world landmarks) I am transported nowhere, physically or transcendentally. They’re about a five on the delicious scale, but still fun, since I got to use the gnome pan.

Incidentally, I took this picture last fall at a friend’s (you Gnow who you are) house, which further exhibits fun-with-gnomes:
Lentils & Spinach for lunch, couple blackberries for dessert

Early dinner of red beans & rice

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