Monday, July 27, 2009

An Ill-Concieved Conclusion: A Play by Anne Kuhns

ME: How are you today?


ME: Ummmmmm

BAR PATRON: You asked how I was doing.

ME: (turn and walk away with horrified look on face)

BAR PATRON: (To Bar Patron 2, who is sits down beside him) She's kind of a "B"

BAR PATRON 2: That just means she likes you.

End Scene (I wish)


-A Comedy of Errors

-A Tale of Two Douchebags

-Mac Douche

-The Ew Testament

-Why No one Likes Fat White Men From the Suburbs (Except Other Fat White Men From the Suburbs)

-Jokes That Aren't Funny to Tell Anyone, Unless You're at The Strip Club With Your Other Fat Man Friends, and Probably Not Even Then

-Chicken Soup for the Misogynist's Soul

-How to Degrade Women and Blame it on Them

-Nancy Drew, and the Adventures of Bitches Who Don't Like Disgusting Men

-Anne of You're Lucky I'm Not Violent Gables

-She's Just Not That in to You Because She Hates You

-The Grapes of Shut the F*** Up!

-Moby Dick