Monday, July 27, 2009

An Ill-Concieved Conclusion: A Play by Anne Kuhns

ME: How are you today?


ME: Ummmmmm

BAR PATRON: You asked how I was doing.

ME: (turn and walk away with horrified look on face)

BAR PATRON: (To Bar Patron 2, who is sits down beside him) She's kind of a "B"

BAR PATRON 2: That just means she likes you.

End Scene (I wish)


-A Comedy of Errors

-A Tale of Two Douchebags

-Mac Douche

-The Ew Testament

-Why No one Likes Fat White Men From the Suburbs (Except Other Fat White Men From the Suburbs)

-Jokes That Aren't Funny to Tell Anyone, Unless You're at The Strip Club With Your Other Fat Man Friends, and Probably Not Even Then

-Chicken Soup for the Misogynist's Soul

-How to Degrade Women and Blame it on Them

-Nancy Drew, and the Adventures of Bitches Who Don't Like Disgusting Men

-Anne of You're Lucky I'm Not Violent Gables

-She's Just Not That in to You Because She Hates You

-The Grapes of Shut the F*** Up!

-Moby Dick


  1. Ew. I apologize on behalf of all women who might happen to give birth to sons who unfortunately happen to turn into nasty greasebags.

  2. Cool, you get Chinese porn spam. Thanks for commenting at my place. You are a good writer. You ought to do it more.